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Anyone can learn how to fix a faulty connection or write a piece of code. Very few people can think intelligently and creatively, rooting out problems, understanding business needs and knowing how to make IT meet those needs. From the many Nationwide & London IT Companies, XaraComputers is the number one choice.

Established in 1997, XaraComputers has grown from one engineer and a handful of clients to being one of the most reliable and experienced UK and London IT Companies with a first rate team of highly skilled engineers providing IT Support to companies large and small.

Needless to say, we’re extremely picky about who works for us. We have an experienced team of outstanding senior and consultant engineers. Every member of the XaraComputers team is chosen for their skills, of course, but we also look for the ability to think laterally, for approachability and for a commitment to the highest quality of work.

Our engineers bring an immense wealth of knowledge and experience throughout the IT Services we provide, but we also train them thoroughly in the whole range of computer support issues. Whoever picks up your call has the knowledge or resources to takes responsibility for your question or problem until it’s completely sorted.

We spend time and effort in training our engineers and in helping them to develop their skills. In fact, we’ve signed up to the government’s skills pledge. Our engineers hold a formidable range of qualifications too – including ITIL certfification, MCSE, MCP and CCNA, and antivirus, network sciences, firewall, ADSL diagnostics and APC reliability certification.

We’ve achieved the ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 international standards, are Dell certified system experts, Microsoft small business specialists and Microsoft Gold partners.

"We’ve come across a lot of businesses who know a fair bit about IT, but just don’t understand that it’s a tool for business, rather than an end in itself. Our service and support is all about making your business tasks and processes easier and problem-free. It’s that simple.

We also know you can’t wait. While we guarantee a 30-minute response time, statistics show we actually respond in fewer than eight minutes on average. The faster we get to work, the faster you’re back in business.

If you need an engineer on-site for critical issues, they’ll be with you in less than an hour. Even if the work isn’t covered in your contract, you’ll have help within four hours – much sooner, depending on the problem. As business-owners ourselves and one the most experienced UK and London IT Companies, we understand exactly what you need, what your business needs.”

Adnaan began building computers and servers at the age of 18, working from his university halls of residence.

With that passion for IT and his commitment to continual improvement, it was inevitable he would soon be running his own successful IT Support company. He holds an awesome array of qualifications, including MCSE, CCNP and CSSA.

Adnaan Talibhusein

Adnaan Talibhusein

Director, XaraComputers

“Because of our reputation for network support, most clients aren’t surprised when their IT systems start to run smoothly, when their security risks disappear and when problems get sorted immediately. What does surprise them is that they’re actually spending less money in the process. Technology isn’t cheap or simple, so we work with clients to make sure they get the most from their investment.

We’re experts in reducing our clients' costs, improving their productivity and building lasting relationships founded on solid advice and outstanding service.

We sit down with our clients, look at where they are now and where they want to be. That’s why our solutions are all geared towards improving efficiency and making business stronger.”

Muzahir’s career began in software development and testing, harnessing the benefits of the latest software technologies for blue chip companies.

He went on to add complex hardware engineering to his range of skills, and holds qualifications including MCSE, CSSA and ITIL

Muzahir Kapasi

Muzahir Kapasi

Director, XaraComputers

“We don’t use ticketing systems, operators, receptionists or system attendants. Any support call made to our helpdesk is answered by an engineer at first pick-up, logged into our comprehensive call management platform and handled immediately.

Our clients tell us they choose us because of our expert advice, fast response times, innovation and professional outlook, which, in turn, gives them the edge they need over their competitors.

They stay with us, though, because we never let them down. Many of our clients have been with us for years. I think good service becomes great service when everyone is committed to the job; when they’re knowledgeable, honest and genuinely want to help.”

Jeremy began his IT career in New Zealand, working with the IT infrastructure for major blue chip companies across the country.

He’s gone on to become a specialist in most fields of IT. You can be certain if there’s a problem no-one else can fix – Jeremy can!

Jeremy Wylie

Jeremy Wylie

Senior Consultant, XaraComputers

“I hate to see a company struggling to keep its IT up and running. I suppose, because computer systems are second-nature to me, all I can see is them wasting time and money, making things hard for themselves.

That’s what’s so rewarding about this job. I know I can use my experience and expertise to make a real, tangible difference to our clients.

I’ve helped companies of all shapes and size and tackled pretty much every IT issue you can think of…but I’m always up for the next challenge!”

Started his career as a hardware technician before moving into first-line support.

He worked as site administrator for the Australian government, looking after 280 users, and joined XaraComputers two years ago. He now manages 60 servers for us at three data centres.

Ankush Gami

Ankush Gami

Senior Engineer, XaraComputers

“I’d heard about XaraComputers and knew they only accepted the best engineers, so it was a fantastic opportunity for me when they took me into the team. Since then, I have to admit it’s been the most intense and comprehensive training I’ve ever done!

XaraComputers really leave nothing to chance – I’ve been guided by experienced people all the way along, learning everything there is to know and developing my skills to a point I couldn’t have imagined before.

We’re all encouraged to gain new skills to fit with what will help clients most. We’re proud of being part of the XaraComputers team.

At the end of my training, I know I’ll have the knowledge and confidence to help clients with any problem. It’s exciting.”

Paul’s been interested in IT from a very early age, worked on developing CAD applications initially for a graphic design agency.

Since then he’s found a passion for hardware and is currently completing his MCSE qualification and taking on practical experience with XaraComputers.

Paul Tilton

Paul Tilton

Trainee Engineer, XaraComputers

“Technology is changing all the time. There are new applications, new ways of networking and communicating, faster hardware…the list goes on.

There’s no way a business can afford to jump at every new system that comes along. At the same time, anything that can improve the way you work has got to be good; it keeps you streets ahead of the competition.

What I love about working for one of the most established UK & London IT Companies is that XaraComputers is at the cutting edge. With our advice and practical help, businesses can get the best of what’s available and avoid investing in IT that isn’t right for them.

Our hosted services are the ultimate example of this, but it applies just as well to our support packages, our project work and our intelligent monitoring services.”

Specialising in voice-over-internet technologies early in his career, Murali has never stopped adding to his bank of knowledge.

His expertise now covers all areas of IT. He has a degree in electronics and communications, an MSc in business IT and holds Microsoft’s MSCE, MCTS and MCITP certification.

Murali Krishnan

Murali Krishnan

Technical Team Leader, XaraComputers

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